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About Me …

Hi, I’m Shannon Nicole … author, singer, and speaker. I believe words are the power of vision.  In order to see BIG CHANGE, I believe we have to shift the way we communicate.  That is why I use WORDS written, sung, and spoken. When you engage with me, my goal is to start a conversation for you and God to finish.

I am a straightforward kind of girl who is gifted by God with the ability to encourage and provoke others to action, as well as incite change. I have a particular knack for seeing the gifting in others and helping them find their places of highest efficiency and efficacy.   I strongly believe that when people are in their purpose, they are happier and more productive; to be forced to live in anything else, to me, is torture. My goal is to help everyone I can “get there”! I believe that each of us is ONE WORD AWAY from life at its fullest, as we know it, in God. So … If I can say something, write something, or sing something that gets you “there” with Him, I have done my job! I LOVE leadership development and training, and believe I am called to help develop and train leaders in the cultural mountains of family (marriage), business, and religion.

Just a few accomplishments: I was a featured soloist on the 2013 Stellar Award Winning recording, Bishop K. W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir, and, in December 2014, I released my first recorded music single, “King of my Heart”.  In December 2016, I released my first self-published book, “Stop Crying and Use Your Words.”

I am married, and have one daughter and two “bonus” sons.  My family means the world to me, and I believe they are God’s gentle, daily reminder to love and be loved in return.

At the end of the day, I just want to hear God say, “Chick, you did it!  Well done.”

As a clinical therapist, I listen and talk to others all day but when Shannon Nicole goes LIVE on Facebook I feel as though I am entering my personal counseling session. Each time she shares her heart, it’s as though she is speaking directly to me. I appreciate her sound wisdom and her willingness to share with others what God has poured into her.  - Hope Holman


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